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How to Care for your NGS Satin Products

Updated: May 21, 2021

Whether you are trying to maintain your style, moisture, or length, NGS Designs bonnets are designed to protect your hair at night. Knowing how to care for your bonnet is key in keeping it for a long time! Here are some tips designed to help you maintain your NGS bonnet over the long haul!

HAND WASH (Preferred for longevity)

You will need:

A large bowl (or sink) filled with cold water

Mild Detergent, Gentle Soap or shampoo

Here’s how:

Mix 1/2 cup of mild/gentle liquid detergent or shampoo in the large bowl of water.

Submerge your NGS bonnet in the water and hand wash.

After thoroughly cleaning the bonnet, gently squeeze excess water

Lay the bonnet flat or hang and air dry.

Do not wring or twist your bonnets will lose its shape. Avoid placing bonnets in dryer. Never wash bonnets in hot water, this will cause shrinkage.

Do not wear on hair with excess grease, thus will cause staining.


Additional tips

Cleaning your bonnet regularly is important and we recommend 2 weeks maximum. If you use heavy product often, weekly is recommended.

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